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Female Orgasmic Disorder is the second most commonly reported female sexual disorder. Since orgasms are complex, orgasmic dysfunction is a multifaceted condition. Dysfunction can be primary—a woman has never had an orgasm or has never had an orgasm when expected; or secondary—a ly satisfied woman can no longer have one or have one on time; or situational—a woman cannot have orgasms properly in certain circumstances.

Every woman is different, as are her goals and thresholds. No matter what the issue, having language to discuss it is important. Learn proper vocabulary about your body and your sexual function. Furthermore, having a place to go to discuss it is just as important. We would all much rather you brought it up with us than with Google!

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Most of these issues can be successfully treated. After discussion and evaluation, depending on what your diagnosis is, there are a variety of treatments that have proven effective in addressing orgasmic dysfunction. There are medications that can be added, there are medications that may need to be discontinued or changed.

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Some behavioral modifications make a huge difference, sometimes the introduction of a vibrator is necessary. Primary anorgasmia is probably the most difficult to treat, may take more time and need psychotherapy and ongoing behavioral guidance, but it is also treatable. If this is an issue that has been bothering you, bring it up with your Gyn. We will work to educated you on anatomy and behavior as best we can, discuss treatments that are likely to work and refer you for psychotherapy if that seems to be the next step. We even have a special list of counselors that specialize in sex therapy.

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Delayed orgasm: a condition in which there is a persistent delay in achieving orgasm. Finally, some good news: No matter what the issue, having language to discuss it is important.

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Women want sex Camino

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