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Green "clunking around in circles" ; people "milling in rings" around an Empire W. Trade. Bain, Kevin ; Marlon's older brother, at Inner Infant group Hal happens upon; parents killed in traffic helicopter accident, ; "short thick person with a dark swart face". Balbalis ; A. Robert, ; See also McCartney, Paul.

Elizabeth's Hospital, 2 blocks from Ennet House; ; "St. E's". Big Buddy 66; "big-brotherly type support and counsel" given by upperclassmen at ETA to the younger students; "Each E. Birch, Herbert G. Bonk, Mildred L.

Bouncety-Bounce, Mr. Brando, Marlon ; American film actor who ruined two generations "with their own bodies and everyday objects". Brookline Young People's Mtg. Bunyan, J. Fn95, p. C, Bobby ; "Wos' former aquaintance from crewing with slopes on the North shore for Whity Sorkin in the days of his youth"; junkie in Boston who hangs with Poor Tony and "yrstruly"; takes off patty's ear, ; ; henchman for Sorkin. C 2 H 5 CO 2 O 2 ; "pimple cream," see fn a, p.

That formula is C 14 H 10 O 4. It is a precursor used in the synthesis of some polymers but is most emphatically not pimple cream as DFW claims. I suspect it would burn your skin off. The substitution of C 2 H 5 for C 6 H 5 ethyl for benzyl would be a natural error for someone who knew a little bit of chemistry but who wasn't thinking about aromatic rings.

CadaverGate fn. Cage, John fn. Candida Albicans 33; a dimorphous organism that can be either a yeast, in which form it is not invasive, or a fungus, in which form it is. Carty, Gary ; friend of Gately's with whom he'd trap lobsters "in the pre-dawn reek of low tide".

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Chaos Theory and tennis, ; "What if heredity, instead of linear, is branching" ; ; fn. Choosy Mothers ; name taken from s era slogan of Jif peanut butter: "Choosy mothers choose Jif. Chuck or Chick ; guy who shoots guy who "made him look small" in front of his girl. Clarke, Mrs. Clenette See Henderson, Clenette. Clipperton, Eric ; Clipperton Brigade; fin de siecle unseeded year-old tennis legend who threatened to shoot himself if he ever lost a game; ; from Crawfordsville IN, ; ; ; the Clipperton Suite in East House.

Commitments ; "some members of one Group commit to hit the road and travel to another Group's meeting to speak publicly from the podium". Concavity Cabinet ; Pres. Gentle, R. Tine, Sec. Blaine, Sec. State Billingsley, Sec. Marty, Sec. Trent, Sec. Chet, Press Sec. Jay, Sec. Ollie; Sec. Coyle, Kyle D. Culte de Baiser Sans Fin, La fn. Party, Gentle's party; "annular agnation of ultra-right jingoist.

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Darkstar See McNair, Stokely. Day, Geoffrey ; Ennet House resident; "red-wine-and-Quaalude man who [ Dayfn.

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Deleuze, M. Delphina, Lady ; dope dealer "down by the Empire" in Boston; selling to Joelle v. DesMonts ; colleague of Bobby C. Dixon, Franklin W. It's the fitviavi-mold base. If the stuff shows up at all it shows as a slight case of imbalanced yeast" fn.

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Doocey, Tommy 18 not named ; "kept several large snakes" 39; 75; his hairlip, ;. Pulmonary Slothfn. You will be lifted up. Fourier, Gauss, LaPlace, Rickey. Borne up. Never let fall. Wiener, Reimann, Frege, Green" fn. Doucette, Anton "The Boogerman" fn.

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Dretske, Fred 70; pioneer in the field of cognitive science, Philosophy Dept. Dukakis, Michael ; former Governor of Mass. Bush in DuPlessis, Guillaume 30; "the most infamous anti-O. Dymphna 17; 9-year-old soft-skulled, blind tennis kid from "Nowheresburg, Iowa" who will be enrolling at ETA "next term"; "little blind Illinois kid Thorp thought so well of" ; Moment article on, ; ;. Eckwus See Reese, Equus. Ecstasy of St.

Egede or Egette ; ex-lover of Gately's: "sharp-nosed round-cheeked dead-eyed nurse with a weird Germanish accent [who] couldn't come close to coming unless he burned her with a cigarette" Eighties Bill "sartorially eccentric cranio-facial-pain-specialist" not named; upscale gambler who figured in Fackelmann's downfall, ; son of Sixties Bob, ; "Sorkin's personal migrainologist".

Empire Waste Displacement ; catapults waste into the Great Convexity; ; ; Veteran's Administration, ; "resembles seven moons orbiting a dead planet". Erdedy, Ken 17; pothead; Ennet House resident, ; "college-boy ad-exec" "a yuppy, an executive at Viney and Veals Advertising" in late 20s, ; at NA meeting. Ethan From ; book Gately couldn't finish in 10th-grade English; ; ; Experialism "the beginning of the Experialist migration in the subsidized Year of the Whopper" 93; "great pre-Experialist upheaval" ; ; "a tight and considerably tighter Experialist U.

Fackelmann, Eugene "Fax" ; criminal colleague of Gately's; "Dilaudid. Fackelmann's Mount Doom" ; "eliminated map after the insane scam on Sorkin and a disastrous two nights of Dilaudid" ; "a towering, slope-shouldered, wide-hipped, prematurely potbellied, oddly priapistic, and congenitally high-strung Dilaudid addict with a walrusy mustache" ; scamming Sorkin, ; "temporary giganticism in one tit" ; eyes sewn open.

Federated Funnel and Cone Corp. Fils de Montcalm fn. President Gentle's second Inaugural". Flatto, Thomas M. Heany Facility for Demonstrably Incorrigible Girls" .

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Fortier, M. Foss, Chandler ; Ennet House resident; ; ; finished out his nine months, ; "recently graduated nonstick-cookware salesman". Found Drama ; ; "the historical zenith of self-consciously dumb stasis" ; fn. Framingham Women's Prison ; where methedrine addict from New Bedford ends up and gets killed. Frankie the No-Thankee Hankie ; nixed vehicle for warning about the Entertainment.

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Freer, Keith B. Fukuoka-Hearn, Judy fn. Fully Functional Phil, the prancing ass ; animated character to convey warning about the entertainment cartridge; his Warning Dance, "a Native-American-cum-Breakdance-type dance" .

White chat roulette truck bryan dairy 710

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