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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers and everyone else on the planet are well-aware that Denise Richards was married to Charlie Sheen.

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However, there's another famous ex that she's mentioned on the show: Patrick Muldoon. The Denise Richards and Patrick Muldoon dating timeline is a little bit unclear. But one thing is very obvious: Denise and Patrick might be the friendliest exes of all time.

Even so, that's not exactly surprising since Denise has a solid relationship with her ex-husband. Yet, they're all on great terms, as fans saw during Denise and Aaron Phypers' wedding. During that episode, Dorit Kemsley greeted Patrick with, "I met Denise with Lisa Rinna and the first story I heard was that the two of them were shagging you at the same time.

On the first episode of the season, Lisa revealed that she "had a fling with him" when he played her brother on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. A few years later, Denise and Patrick acted in the movie S tarship Trooperswhich came out in However, filming that movie is not actually how they met.

In a tweet, Patrick said that he and Denise "met in acting class a while back. It's not super clear how long they were actually together, but a Daily Mail article reported that Denise and Patrick dated back in That same article speculated about whether or not Denise and Patrick were "back together.

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However, it just seems like they're very affectionate friends. Or at least they are at this point, During the May 21 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills e pisode, Denise and Patrick referred to each other by the pet name "schweet babe. In one of her on-camera interviews during the episode, Denise explained, "I've known Patrick Muldoon since I was nineteen years old. We call each other schweet babe because we had nicknames on Starship Troopers for everyone. She shared, "Patrick and I dated. We were on and off for quite a few years. She said, "I don't even think of this as me working with my ex-boyfriend.

I think of this as me working with one of my best friends.

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And, thankfully, her husband totally gets it. Denise revealed, "Aaron really respects my relationship with Patrick. Charlie did not. So, while we were married, I wasn't really 'allowed' to talk to Patrick. Even though Denise and Patrick were not hanging out during that time period, they more than made up for lost time.

InPatrick attended the baby shower for Denise's daughter Eloise. And, yes, Lisa Rinna was there too along with her husband Harry Hamlin. Inthey both stared in the movie A Christmas Reunion. Even though the timeline of Denise and Patrick's romance is vague, the their friendship has remained solid throughout the years, minus the Charlie era.

By Marenah Dobin.

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