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A beach house on an exotic shore…the kind you can only reach via a small plane, a ferry, a secret password and more money than any of us makes in two years. Things that are exotic are foreign, different and often, alluringly unknowable. Can a person be exotic, too? Latinos are, and have long been, an integral part of U. America is us. Is it that some of us look exotic? What would that even entail? Is it the accent? Some of us have one, for sure.

Is that exotic? And if so, for whom? The idea of exoticness is, I think we can agree, meant to al something positive, alluring, maybe even a little sexy and adventurous. But many stereotypes based on the very best of intentions and praise can fall flat when it comes to truly understanding any group of people as just that: People. But what do you think of the term?

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