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Nothing is more characteristic on the Dutch Wadden Islands than the beautiful lighthouses. These elongated towers are brightly colored and helped sea men navigate through the sandbanks of the Wadden Sea when no electronical help existed.

Nowadays they are less necessary, but still most of them are used in some way. Schiermonnikoog has two beautiful lighthouses that you absolutely must see! Even during heavy fog you still see the lighthouses tower above the island! Not one but two beautiful lighthouses adorn the skyline of Schiermonnikoog. Both towers were erected in and they worked together for a long time to guide sea men from all over the world through this dangerous area.

That function has long since become a thing of the past, but both buildings still offer a wonderful insight into the history of the island. If history is of little or no importance to you, you can also simply enjoy the beautiful view of the towers. From almost everywhere on Schiermonnikoog you can see at least one of the lighthouses. And that makes the island even more beautiful! This elongated minaret is my personal favorite. The cheerful color, but also the beautiful surroundings in which it stands make it a beautiful sight. This brick structure is 37 meters high ft and therefore it probably gives the best views over the entire island.

You can see this lighthouse from pretty much everywhere on the island -unless suddenly fog appears- and that probably has to do with its bright red color. From the dunes or from the beach you can take very nice pictures of this national monument. The North tower of Schiermonnikoog. Surrounded by the beach and gorgeous dunes. The white lighthouse is less well maintained.

The white paint clearly peels off, and the bright white has already faded to a less beautiful beige. The little brother of the North tower is almost as impressive in my opinion. Inthe North tower lighthouse received a revolving light, which made this building unnecessary. For fifty years this building was left alone. After all tis time it was shortly reused as a water tower. But in the tower was abandoned again… Nowadays, the roof of the tower is used as an antenna mast of telecommunications company KPN. This is how the people of Schiermonnikoog get to see TV programs from all over the world!

The original inhabitants of this beautiful island. The white lighthouse of Schiermonnikoog, also called the water tower of the south tower. In the past, two of these buildings were built every time, because until then only stationary lights had been invented. As a result, it was impossible for boats to determine their exact position, and so a second lighthouse had to be built. The two lighthouses were nicely aligned so that sturdy ships could easily guide their boats through the Wadden Sea. Result: adieu white lighthouse!

Many years later, the Zuidertoren could still serve as a water tower and water filter, but that function became superfluous also, and so KPN bought the tower. The red Noordertoren, on the other hand, could still be used as a lighthouse for a long time. To this day, a bright, white light is shining from the top of this building in the evenings and at night.

For the rest, the building is now used for all kinds of weather forecasts. The surroundings of the red lighthouse of Schiermonnikoog are more beautiful. Luckily, the white lighthouse will soon be cleaned up too! Unfortunately, you can not climb any of the two lighthouses.

The Noorder Tower is always staffed, and the Zuidertoren has completely fallen into decline. Because it would be a great attraction. Imagine the view that you would get from here! You can find one in Harlingen near Schiermonnikoog. You rent all three floors immediately, and the view from every floor is phenomenal! If you prefer to go on holiday elsewhere, you can also book a night in a lighthouse on Iceland, Norway, France and the United Kingdom.

Plenty of possibilities! One lighthouse is better preserved than the other one, but both definitely are worth seeing.

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Men looking for women Schiermonnikoog

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Two senior men walking on beach of nature reserve east of Waddensea island Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, Netherlands