Looking for a date valentines day

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It's February 14 and you're alone again. Fret not, because there is still time to find a date. Don't feel weird looking for love or even just one night of it on Valentine's Day. It's more than guaranteed other single souls are doing the same. Here are some places you can hunt that you won't have to lie about when you retell the story to your friends, in increasing order of difficulty:.

Tinder is basically a gimme. It's so simple! Open the app, swipe people to the left you don't like, and click on the ones you do. You can land a date in the amount of time it takes you to walk down the street to the liquor store and buy that bottle of wine you're contemplating housing alone if things don't go your way.

And tonight of any night, people on Tinder are definitely DTF. It has been foretold since the dawn of time that people go to OKCupid looking for love or more accurately sex on Valentine's Day and every other day. Even if you don't have a profile, you can make one pretty quickly, and start trolling the site for single guys and gals.

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There are thousands of people, so law of averages. Start messaging and someone's bound to want to grab a drink with you. If you haven't gone out with someone you met on Twitter, now's as good a time as any to start. That girl you've been flirting with via fav for the last six weeks? Direct message her. Do it now! Don't hesitate! Get weird! We should get a drink sometime. Maybe tonight, if you're free?

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All right, I know. Bars are generally horrible places to actually meet people.

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But not if you do it in the right way. Go around happy hour. Go alone. It's a little awkward at first, but just do it.

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Sit at the bar. Bring a magazine or a notebook or something that invites conversation, as long as it's not your laptop or tablet because people don't make conversations with people with laptops or tablets. You will end up chatting it up with people, and you might even end up meeting someone you like. Everyone has one of these. It's just reality. So call up your college roommate who's been bugging you about getting together with her brother-in-law's cousin who's in his last year of his residency and has a great sense of humor and would just be perfect or you.

It's scary and it's weird to go on a blind date, but you might as well take the risk. You never know. People meet at the grocery store. I don't know how it happens, I just know that it happens. If you don't believe it, just start asking around. So late this afternoon, head over to the store, even if you don't need anything. Stand in the produce aisle. Scrutinize the cantaloupes. Make conversation.

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How do you choose a good cantaloupe anyway? There are other single folks out there doing the same thing.

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Last resort. People have parties on Valentine's Day. They're almost always thrown by single people and for single people. Lonely single people, that is. So put on some pants, turn off Netflix and get out of your house. Go to that party. Be charming. You might not find a date, specifically, but you will meet someone. At the very least, you can stand next to the most attractive person in the room for hours on and and convince yourself that it's meaningful.

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The A. By Leslie Horn.

Looking for a date valentines day

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7 Places You Can Find a Last-Minute Valentines Day Date