Hollywood girl saying need help

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You could be led to believe that women in Hollywood have never had it so good. After all, the just-released mystery thriller Gone Girl — with its strong female protagonist — was produced by Reese Witherspoon. December will bring the epic World War II drama Unbroken — already the talk of Oscar nominations — a major film that has been both produced and directed by Angelina Jolie.

But the reality is that they are the exceptions. These are tough times for women in the US film industry, especially for those trying to work in key behind-the-scenes jobs on the top grossing pictures. The study also found that of all the directors working on the top films ofjust 6 per cent were women — surprisingly that figure was actually higher when the annual Celluloid Ceiling survey began 16 years ago. The data suggests that women employed behind the scenes have seen a reversal of their already slim fortunes.

Directing jobs for these films nearly always go to men. Reese Witherspoon acknowledges that it was success in front of the camera that enabled her to move into producing.

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Among her producer credits are Gone Girl — and Wild, the story of a woman who undertook a grueling mile km trek. As her producing collaborator, Bruna Papandrea explains, their production company has a definite agenda that addresses the problem of underemployment of women behind the scenes in Hollywood.

Many look to other women for help. We have to just continue to really highlight what other women are doing and be there for them.

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But veteran actress Estelle Parsons takes a more proactive stance. I think we just have to really try to group together and push our aggression forward. Obviously such measures could hurt the bottom line and prompt action. Lawler claims that if the studios just went ahead and hired more women they would make more money.

Denying work to an army of female directors, producers and screenwriters affects the cultural diet of the wider movie-going public. The annual awards hoopla and red carpet presence of accomplished female stars often makes it appear that women in Hollywood are doing very, very well.

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After Kathryn Bigelow became the first woman to win a best director Oscar four years ago, many thought the battle had been won. But this is a campaign where there are no quick overnight victories. Many women in the industry acknowledge that reaching numerical parity with men in directing studio films is going to be one extremely long, hard slog.

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Share using. By Tom Brook 7th October While a of high-profile producer credits may suggest otherwise, the situation for women working in Hollywood is dire — and getting worse, says Tom Brook. Direct action Obviously such measures could hurt the bottom line and prompt action.

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Hollywood girl saying need help

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