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Above charts are based on data from the U. ODN datasets and APIs are subject to change and may differ in format from the original source data in order to provide a user-friendly experience on this site. Contains resident demographic data at a summary level as of January 1, The Resident Data Book is compiled to serve as an information source for queries involving resident demographic as well as a source of data for internal analysis.

Data is then aggregated and compiled by development. Each record pertains to a single public housing development. This dataset includes the cumulative total of COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths for each health district in Virginia by report date and by race and ethnicity. This dataset was first published on June 15, The data set increases in size daily and as a result, the dataset may take longer to update; however, it is expected to be available by noon daily. When you download the data set, the dates will be sorted in ascending order, meaning that the earliest date will be at the top.

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To see data for the most recent date, please scroll down to the bottom of the data set. This dataset includes population estimates for each Virginia locality by year, age group, sex, race and ethnicity. This dataset represents the percent distribution of AmeriCorps member terms which started their service in calendar year by race and ethnicity. This report excludes AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers.

The U. Census Bureau, in collaboration with five federal agencies, launched the Household Pulse Survey to produce data on the social and economic impacts of Covid on American households. The Household Pulse Survey was deed to gauge the impact of the pandemic on employment status, consumer spending, food security, housing, education disruptions, and dimensions of physical and mental wellness. The survey was deed to meet the goal of accurate and timely weekly estimates.

It was conducted by an internet questionnaire, with invitations to participate sent by and text message. Housing units linked to one or more addresses or cell phone s were randomly selected to participate, and one respondent from each housing unit was selected to respond for him or herself. Estimates are weighted to adjust for nonresponse and to match Census Bureau estimates of the population by age, gender, race and ethnicity, and educational attainment.

The Virginia Health Opportunity Index HOI is a group of indicators that provide broad insight into the overall opportunity Virginians have to live long and healthy lives based on the Social Determinants of Health. It is a hierarchical index that allows users to examine social determinants of health at multiple levels of detail in Virginia.

It is made up of over 30 variables, combined into 13 indicators, grouped into four profiles, which are aggregated into a single Health Opportunity Index. Records without an address could not be included in town vaccine coverage estimates. Total population estimates are based on data. A person who has received one dose of any vaccine is considered to have received at least one dose.

The fully vaccinated are a subset of the who have received at least one dose. SVI refers to the CDC's Social Vulnerability Index - a measure that combines 15 demographic variables to identify communities most vulnerable to negative health impacts from disasters and public health crises. Measures of social vulnerability include socioeconomic status, household composition, disability, race, ethnicity, language, and transportation limitations - among others.

All data in this report are preliminary; data for dates will be updated as new reports are received and data errors are corrected. Annual averages, s in thousands. For each state and the District of Columbia, employment status data are tabulated for 67 sex, race, Hispanic or Latino ethnicity, marital status, and detailed age and evaluated against a minimum base, calculated to reflect an expected maximum coefficient of variation CV of 50 percent, to determine reliability for publication.

The CPS sample was redeed in —15 to reflect the distribution of the population as of the Census. At the same time, BLS developed improved techniques for calculating minimum bases. These changes resulted in generally higher minimum bases of unemployment, leading to the publication of fewer state-demographic groups beginning in The most notable impact was on the detailed ageparticularly the teenage and age 65 and older groups.

In an effort to extend coverage, BLS introduced a version of the expanded state employment status demographic table with intermediate agecollapsing the seven historically included down to three. Ages 16—19 and 20—24 were combined into a 16—24 year-old category, ages 25—34, 35—44, and 45—54 were combined into a 25—54 year-old category, and ages 55—64 and 65 and older were combined into a years-and-older category.

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These intermediate age data are tabulated for the total population, as well as the four race and ethnicity groups, and then are evaluated against the unemployment minimum bases. The more detailed age continue to be available in the main version of the expanded table, where the minimum base was met. How does your organization use this dataset?

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Let us know by ing OpenNY nyserda. All data are derived from the U. Each row in the LMI dataset is an individual record for a household that responded to the survey and each column is a variable of interest for analyzing the low- to moderate-income population. This underlying LMI dataset is intended for users with experience working with survey data files and producing weighted survey estimates using statistical software packages such as SAS, SPSS, or Stata.

Data for Emory, VA. Questions What is the Population Rate of Change? What is the Population Density? What is the Land Area? What is the Percent who did not finish the 9th grade? What is the Median Earnings? What is the of Employees? What is the Water Area? What is the High School Graduation Rate? What is the Median Female Earnings? What is the Percent Employed?

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Compare this Data. About Socrata the Network.

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Demographics Geographic Education Jobs. Refine. Questions about Emory, VA. The population count of Emory, VA was 1, in Population Change.

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