Dreamers strip club illinois

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It the old men that get attached then get mad and stalk. Curious they are but sick. Who care she has a bf as she lies to him anyway n still meets n plays for fun. Good at sob stories about needing money for rent. Idiots dumb enough to hand over money for rent each month if they was smart not pay it see if they end up on streets!!!!!

Iif they do I am sure they will live with u till they find a place. They sponge off people no matter how ugly nasty u are. Use u like a role of toilet paper and when they done wiping u clean throw u out like the turfd u are. So true girl sends texts telling how she misses you, wants to move forward n marry you. Reg is madly in love but when everything is planned slut shuts reg off. It was "a misunderstanding" but can stay friends as long as reg comes in the club only.

Of course no bf. Must be seriously low dignity and fucked up to play these games lol. No better than hookers, who's the sick? How funny we can see all the scams here and it's not "old man" only. Girls do anything for moeny and crap on anyone in the path! Girl goes on trip with customer and nothing happened funny. Guy, didn't pay u way for nothing. Was told I going trip with family blah blah blah.

Girl was in Bahamas instead with bf on regs money. Then told water down there made me break out now I can't work. Baby I swear I only like you. U only one I do those kinds of things with. Girl can't work for week her she caught something. Lies why she not working while she gets treated.

Wonder what she telling everyone else's. I doubt u only do that stuff to one person. First sick, then took kid to ER, then no excuse after excuse, Girl bangs n lies about it she so ashamed she does everyone then says she hasn't in years. Took one of those girls for ride at the speedway. Got her drunk she banged me in my front seat in the parking lot in middle of day.

She had a dress on and no panties and I pounded her so hard she got off 3 times then I had to rush her back to bar she was at. I am sure she will lie tell everyone it didn't happen if u ask her. She hangs out at bars on Tuesday nights if u wanna try n take her out for test ride.

Might explain why they rarely work Wednesdays lately. Just saying. Girl don't work gets dumb reg to help her out. Bitches they get bothered with text from reg. It's ok to text shit out of reg. First pretend they care like morning honey! What u doing? I feel like playing I hope u come see me I miss u.

Once they get u money they stop texting till next day and start over again. Tell other reg same story and pull same shit on him.

Add up all girl so called bills and no way she comes close to paying bills with out lying to her regulars. Makes guy feel like she likes him. What she likes is his wallet and gets pissed off If guy just comes to watch even after she begs for money in advance then guy goes collect and she mad she has to give me money back in dances. First reason old men regs stalk them? Girls give out real name guy figures out where she lives maybe no even easier they give out address to them then wonder why the so called person shows up at there house.

You think old man just giving you money to be nice? U know what he wants!!! Why tell people u stalked when u pretend to be his friend and he thinks lover because you call him babe and honey! You so nice I don't know what I would do with out u.

Or I'm so horny texts. Don't be mad if u put it out there. Very funny indeed. Gifts from regs they sell on eBay just after taking a pic of it and text it to reg saying "see how I love your gift"? Lol pathetic liars are very good friends on their FB, no one could imagine the crap. Stalkers, the old excuse, there's an excuse for everything. Please tell us why they're stalking? Might be because stories don't add up and reg wants to figure out? Old men or not, strippers are just unable to upgrade, stuck in a parasitic lifestyle forever. Love scamming old men and others is so lame, no self-esteem.

Tell us who's the liar again? Very funny, hypocrites have no limits. They steal money from regulars that are old because they are rejects!!! Why hate the stripper when guys are so dumb to buy girl food clothes and all sorts of stupid shit. Then hand his pay check over to her that about as big of a reject as you can get then his family has no money or food, why give them money n food If they really liked u they would still talk to you if u stopped giving them money.

Get a clue that they are getting drunk most nights and when they not working banging somebody else on side. If up gonna waste u money. Go to Vegas be way cheaper on you. No girl gonna wanna bang a wanna be rich old man that's old enough to be her dad. Pure sick. Dancers will tell you all kinds of stories to get money and they will also dance for you for money. If you are intelligent, you will only give them what money you want to give them.

You should only expect them to talk to you at the club and no more. If you think that because you spend money on them, they should give you sex, you're wasting your time. If someone else is spending money on them, so what, it's not your money. Why worry about a dancer? If you are looking for more than a dance, try somewhere else as it is unlikely that will happen here.

Why do you continue to complain about the dancers here when you know what happens. Not sure if serious. Strippers play hard to get, guys think they're Ashton kutcher in fucking Vegas. Peoria is a shit-hole, this club is a shit-hole full of white trash fatties, uneducated douchebags and old creeps. What a joke "ohhh doo I banged a stripper in Peoria" lol.

This club is a waste of time and money. Strippers play something can happen but you'll get no better than lame dances and lies. Most of them are not single, it's so easy to figure out. You'll never be anything else than the ATM guy, especially when they tell you they see you as a true friend and a great person. It's all fake, don't waste your time here. They flirt with you in the club, steal your money for empty statements how they like you so much and bullshit.

Dude I'm not old and I know how it works. I saw this 19 y with her WT bf after working hours smoking pot, other was nervously texting a guy bf I guessthis girl told me she's single, bullshit I could spot her bf on fb. I hope you enjoyed it you were lucky! Good job. I agree they have needs but what when bf is waiting trash drunk at home? Probability to bang one is zero, waste of time and money. SCL Main. Strip Club Reviews. Strip Club Comments. Strip Club Top Feature Dancers.

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Dreamers strip club illinois

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