Does anyone actually date anymore

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Maybe we were always these confused individuals creating hollow lives for ourselves. Or maybe we had a better understanding of what dating and finding a partner in life actually allows for. Well, they sort of date, but not really. Calling it "dating" is rather insulting to the once coveted -- and now seemingly archaic -- practice.

Our modern day dating culture is somewhat appalling. Do you. Dating is a huge part of our lives. Or at least it ought to be. We just date for the wrong purpose. Well, more like running. The next best thing is only a swipe away. So many of us are so incredibly focused on our personal goals that we forget the most important personal goal of them all: finding someone to share our lives with.

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Many of us love ourselves more than we ought to. Sometimes life is just too difficult, and letting someone else become a true part of it feels too cruel. Technically, we never had any practice. We have too many options. Dating le to marriage, and marriage le to.

Which do we fear most? All of the above.

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We both like our independence and hate being lonely, but since we waver between the two like a pendulum, we never manage to make dating work. We think our lives suck and would rather dwell in that odd comfort self-pity allows for than actually change our lives for the better. By Paul Hudson. Simone Becchetti.

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People used to date -- or so I hear. But anything worthwhile is difficult. Most of us have absolutely no idea how to love. But we think we do.

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Our idea of a date is pizza, Netflix and sex. Usually in that order. Sad, but true. We have trouble understanding ourselves. We love novelty, so we switch partners like we switch underwear. We believe love to be some sort of fairytale, so we wait for Prince Charming or Snow White.

We search for a happily-ever-after, but are afraid of actually finding it.

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Because porn is free now. Because, for women with sex toys, batteries last longer than men. Bros before hoes, and chicks before dicks. We love rhymes. Because Barack Obama.

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We blame him for just about every problem we have. Why stop now? Everyone uses everyone else, so no one ever really trusts anyone. Which is funny because half the time, this le us to cheating ourselves. We date for food, drinks and sex, not for love and companionship. Search Close.

Does anyone actually date anymore

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