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If sex is taboo, a woman who wants sex is unmentionable. Sex, as much as it is one of the oldest and most natural acts between man and woman upon which our very survival and existence literally rely on, has become quite the sexist thing. For every celebration of it that men get, women get equal amounts of shame and guilt. When boys hit puberty, they are celebrated loud and proud with coming of age parties in the presence of entire families and communities.

When girls hit puberty, they are quietly handed tampons and p in hushed whispers, told to keep it a secret and made to cover up lest their developing bodies invite the devil by bringing temptations. Thus begins a life-long journey into womanhood where everything about her sexuality is used against her. Then it got worse. Even though it takes man and woman to engage in it, only the man should derive pleasure from it. Shame on you, girl, if you enjoy it, want it, even think of it.

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What better example do we have than the Greeks, who gave us the words of all things sex from aphrodisiac and eroticism to homosexuality and pederasty. But wait, he was mere mortal. When it comes to sex, it is the woman who ruled it. Fast forward to the Renaissance era, the period of cultural, artistic, political and economic rebirth. Sure, sex during the Renaissance was one of contradiction where fornication was condemned yet prostitution was legalised, but a quick look at the greatest works of art shows that sex is natural and women were celebrated for the beauty that is their bodies, naked or otherwise.

The nude figure is central to most, if not all Renaissance art, which at first glance tell of lust and erotic pleasure. However, underlying most is an ode to the antique past of Greece and Rome, representing ideals of goodness and perfection told through the appreciation of surfaces and colours of paintings and artwork Zhao, For him and most of his peers, the idea of nature and all its beauty is personified with the perfection in the body of the nude woman.

One of the tamest depictions of erotic mythology is the fresco cycle by Giulio Romano commissioned by Federico II Gonzaga in In a private dining room, the riotous Wedding of Cupid and Psyche depicts amorous guests, man and woman, each unclothed and reveling in their nakedness. The olden days deemed harlots, whores, wenches, tramps and the likes among the lowest of society, deserving of scarlet letters in supposedly more modern societies, or impalement in more backward ones.

Alongside ever evolving understanding and acceptance of the role of women in sex, it is not without its counterpart that saw sex as an evil — a tool that renders mankind blind to the wants of the flesh.

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Without the temptress, there is no desire. Without desire, there is no sin. Generations of this ideology perpetuated the belief women are the bearer of evil and in trying to shake off the label, women oppressed their sexuality and wanted nothing to do with it Rodriguez-Ginores, Alas, to err is human and we are all only human, especially when it comes to sex.

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Yes, women now have sexual liberation that generations before them can only dream of, but a lot of that freedom is still influenced by habits to prioritise the pleasure of their partners. Traditional and modern media have too long put women in sexual roles that stem out of obligation, duty, manipulation or unwanted attention.

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More recently, entire websites complete with videos and tutorials are available online to learn exactly how. In this era of self love, female masturbation is becoming increasingly normalised — but not without disparages. Yes, that is a fancy term for what is essentially a vibrator. But all is not lost, yet. CES eventually returned Lora DiCarlo its Robotics Award and announced that sex tech will now be included in the show moving forwards, albeit discreetly under the health and wellness category.

By Januarya dozen sex tech companies are exhibiting female sex toys and aides alongside fitness trackers and Impossible Pork. Photos: Dainis Graveris for SexualAlpha.

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