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If you want to keep the spark and passion in your relationship alive, making the effort to set the mood is key. While setting the mood may seem kind of cheesy and old-fashioned, according to sex experts, it's actually pretty useful. Megan Stubbs tells Bustle. A study of 40, people published in the Journal of Sex Research discovered that setting the mood was the one thing people did to keep their relationship hot. People in long-term relationships who were most sexually satisfied not only spent time setting the mood, they also practiced good sexual communicationand were happier with their relationship in general.

As Dr. Laura Deitsch, Vibrant's resident sexologist tells Bustle, setting the mood might mean different things to different people and generations, but it doesn't have to be complicated.

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Today, it probably means putting phones on silent, coordinating Regardless, it's still important. In order to set the mood, it's important to know what you're setting the mood for first. Once you've decided, share that intention with your partner. While surprises can be great, it can sometimes go wrong, and it's important to remember to have ongoing consent and open communication with your partner.

So be sure to let your partner know what you're thinking so you're both on the same. It starts with that look in your eyes that tells your partner you want them.

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Because of that, Marcus believes the mood is less about other factors like the when and where. It's more about you. Dimming your lights or tossing a scarf over a lamp is good, but candlelight is even better. In terms of setting the mood with lighting, Stubbs also says it's important to stay away from direct fluorescent lighting if possible. If you're looking to set the mood, makre sure to keep your space clear from any visual distractions. That means no piles of clothes on the floor and no trash laying around.

When you're setting the mood for a solo sex sesh, Rodriguez says, it's all about standing up for your self-care and saying, "In this moment, I am only able to myself. This moment is for me. When it comes to sight, watching porn that you both like can help set the mood. Spritzing on some perfume or lighting scented candles are a great to arouse your sense of smell.

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When it comes to sound, "don't underestimate the power of a good makeout mix," she says. Incorporating flavors into foreplay can arouse your sense of taste.

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Lastly, the best form of touch in Rodriguez's opinion is a vibrator. Overall, it doesn't matter what you do. As she says, "Setting the mood is an act that shows compassion and consideration for your partner, it's putting in the effort to show that you care about their needs and are turned on when they're turned on.

In relationships, Rodgers says there are two different kinds of people: Doers and sayers. If your partner is a doer, action is key. Creating the mood can be a huge part of the entire sensual experience for them. As you can see, setting the mood doesn't have to be complicated. Sometimes, a partner isn't even necessary. There are many simple ways to do it. Whatever you decide to do, keep the phones off and out of sight. By Kristine Fellizar.

Create sex sensual

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