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Main Menu. When notarizing an asment on titles, the seller is required by law to enter all information before it is ed and notarized. The notary or deputy clerk can assist in completing the asment. Never make any alterations, erasures or use white-out on a Certificate of Title; if this is done, the title becomes null and void and a replacement title will have to be obtained.

Do not fill in any part of the asment or application on the reverse side of the title, unless it is done in the presence of a Notary Public or other duly authorized officer with power to administer oaths. All atures must be notarized. A Drivers or other means of identification may be required at the time of notarization.

Always make a physical inspection of any automobile you buy, checking the serial to see that it corresponds with the serial on your Certificate of Title and the odometer reading. If the odometer reading is incorrect, you should require the seller to obtain a corrected replacement title prior to the purchase.

Do not execute the asment on the reverse side of the Certificate of Title until a bona fide sale has been made. Make certain that the buyers full name, address, purchase price and mileage is inserted before you the asment. Initials are not acceptable unless they are the given name. You must the asment in the presence of a notary public or other duly authorized officer with power to administer an oath.

The making of a false statement under oath or affirmation is in violation of Section Federal and state laws require that you state the mileage in connection with transfer of ownership of a vehicle.

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No person can for you without a notarized power of attorney form. This power of attorney is attached to our files and becomes a part thereof. If an additional copy is required, you must have the power of attorney recorded by the County Recorder and a certified copy secured before coming to the Clerk of Courts Title Office. The Ohio State Legislature enacted a sales tax law on a casual sale of a motor vehicle or watercraft.

Any person purchasing a motor vehicle or watercraft from another person must fill out a tax form stating the purchase price upon which sales tax is levied. This form must be sworn to before a person duly authorized to administer oaths. This form is now encompassed within the application for title on the reverse side of the Ohio Certificate of Title. For purchases from out of state, a separate form is required. If the purchaser is claiming a tax exemption, a separate tax exemption form must be completed.

A use tax must be paid by a resident of Ohio when he purchases a motor vehicle outside the State of Ohio. This applies to the purchase of a car for use or storage, in Ohio. The use tax is applied the same as sales tax. Section The Clerk of Courts is required to administer this law and collect this tax for the State of Ohio. Anyone obtaining multiple titles within any month must have a letter of Guarantee on file with the office if payment of taxes and fees are being paid by business checks. If you apply for a loan, using your car as collateral, always insist upon getting a Memorandum Certificate of Title with which you can obtain plates.

Upon satisfaction of your mortgage, you should receive the original Certificate of Title from the bank or finance company, properly stamped "paid" and "lien cancelled" by the Clerk of Courts. If the mortgagor fails to have the lien discharged by the Clerk of Courts, you should immediately have the Clerk of Courts cancel and discharge the lien on the public records for your safety. There is no fee for this service. However, if you should lose your certificate of title without the lien being discharged by the Clerk of Courts, you would be required to have the mortgage company obtain a duplicate title for you.

You cannot transfer ownership of an automobile with a Memorandum Certificate of Title white copy. It is issued only for the purpose of obtaining plates when the original title is held by the lienholder. If the original title is lost, stolen or destroyed, you may obtain a Duplicate Certificate of Title. If after issuance of the Duplicate, the original title is recovered, the original must be returned to this office for cancellation.

If there is an open lien showing on the records in the Clerk of Courts office, the mortgager is required to obtain the duplicate title for you. If an error is made on the asment portion of the back of the title, you will need to get the title replaced. Erasures or alterations in the asment void the title.

White-out or any other type of corrective tape cannot be used. You must present the original title at the time the replacement is being applied for. If there is an error in the information showing on the face of the title, the owner must submit proof of the error and present the original title for replacement. Errors may be in the form of misspellings or transposition of s.

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If the VIN is completely different from what is on the vehicle or watercraft, a title search may be necessary in order to correct the title. If your name is changed through marriage or court proceedings, the name on your Certificate of Title cannot be changed.

There is no authority in the law to issue a new title in your new name, for the same vehicle. If the body type is changed in any manner and is not the motor vehicle described on your title, present your title to the Clerk of Courts Office so a body change may be made.

A salvage vehicle is any vehicle that is dismantled, destroyed or changed in such a manner that it loses its character as a motor vehicle, or changed in such a manner that it is not the motor vehicle described on the Certificate of Title. When an insurance company declares a vehicle a total loss and pays the agreed price for the purchase of the vehicle to a claimant, the insurance company or the owner must obtain a salvage certificate of title within 30 days.

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If the insurance declares the vehicle impractical to repair, the original owner may retain the vehicle but they must obtain a salvage title in their name to receive settlement from the insurance company. This vehicle, now titled as salvage, can no longer be operated on the highways until a regular certificate of title is obtained. When you dismantle, destroy or change the character of your automobile so that it no longer is a complete car, you must surrender your Certificate of Title to the Clerk of Courts office for cancellation. When you sell your car to a Junk Dealer you must surrender your Certificate of Title to that dealer with the asment on the back of the title completely executed.

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The Ohio State Highway Patrol must inspect all self-assembled motor vehicles and rebuilt salvage motor vehicles before a regular title can be issued. Applications for inspection can be obtained from any highway patrol office and must be paid for prior to the inspection.

The inspection form must be presented with all evidence of ownership salvage title or bill of sale for parts to obtain a Certificate of Title. If you purchase a car out of the state from a private party, it is necessary that the seller as his title to you and have it notarized if the state requires their transactions to be notarized. Be sure that the Notary Public's seal is affixed. If the car is registered in a non-title state, the seller's certificate of registration with a notarized bill of sale is required.

If you have a mortgaged out-of-state car to register in Ohio, it is necessary that a certified copy of the mortgage, conditional sales contract or other similar instrument be presented with your title or registration. If the application for a Certificate of Title refers to a motor vehicle last ly registered in another state or country, the application shall be accompanied by a Physical Inspection Certificate verifying the year, make, body type, model, manufacturer's serial and the odometer reading of the motor vehicle.

The Department of Highway Safety Inspection Certificates are completed at various Inspection Stations throughout the state, including the Deputy Registrar's offices and automobile dealerships. The owner of a manufactured or mobile home is required to obtain a Certificate of Title.

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The difference between a transfer of a motor vehicle and a manufactured or mobile home is that the manufactured or mobile home title must have two transfer approval stamps on the face of it. These stamps as required by " Section The stamps show that the trailer taxes are current and the conveyance taxes have been paid. Without these stamps the title cannot be transferred. There is no sales or use tax collected by the clerk of courts on manufactured or mobile home transactions titled after January 1, In addition to the title fees, per Section " Effective August 27,the certificate of title law was amended for the issuance of titles for all truck campers.

These must be titled in the State of Ohio and are transferred in the same manner as motor vehicles. A certificate of title is not required on any Utility-Commercial trailer weighing less than 4, pounds. To obtain plates you must procure a weight card from the weigh station and have the trailer weighed.

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Commercial trailers or semi-trailers weighing in excess of 4, pounds must have a Certificate of Title. To sell, transfer or mortgage such trailers the Certificate of Title must be presented. Per Section " Owners of watercraft less than 14 feet, canoes, kayaks and outboard motors less than 10 HP, are not required to have a title unless the watercraft is less than fourteen feet long with a permanently affixed mechanical means of propulsion.

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Personal watercrafts, commonly called jet skies, are required to be titled effective January 1, Section " Applications for personal watercraft titles must have both the hull identification and the motor identification as well as the year, make, model, length and horsepower of the motor. For out of state watercraft, the owner may present a certificate of title, bill of sale, or other evidence of ownership required by the law of the state from which the watercraft came.

If you do not have a valid certificate of title for your boat, motor or personal watercraft, please apply as soon as possible at the title office, as all applications have to be checked with the Division of Watercraft in Columbus, Ohio before a title can be issued. Online Watercraft Registration Renewal is available here. As of July 1,Section " The application must be accompanied by a Physical Inspection Certificate verifying the year, make, body type, model, and manufacturer's serial. The application must also be accompanied by a manufacturer's or importer's certificate or a sworn statement of ownership and bill of sale or other evidence of ownership.

Casual Dating Uhrichsville Ohio 44683

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