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How can we, as employers, spot boredom in the workplace? Is the onus on us to do something about it? And if so, what on earth can we do? Click To Tweet. Most will suck it up, get on with it and when it all gets a bit too much — look for something new. Are their tasks repetitive and monotonous? Could they be challenged more? Once you have identified the bored employee, the onus is on YOU, as the manager to make sure your employees are engaged, happy and challenged. Some employees will prefer to grin and bear the boredom, than look negative.

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What managers tend to forget is that the answer is often right in front of them; your employees, who are on the front line every day, are bound to have some great ideas on how to improve things. Start giving them more responsibility! Set more difficult challenges, increase their target, offer them different tasks, jobs and even new projects. Another great idea is to get your team involved in some of the bigger-picture decisions for your business. You never know; whilst doing that mind-numbingly boring job, they may just come up with a doozy of an idea!

You should encourage your employees to shake things up and include more variety in their day; perhaps they could spend the morning on one thing and afternoon on another.

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Or if like in a factory you have a variety of different, highly repetitive roles, get an hourly staff rotation going so no one spends too long on one thing and everyone gets multi-skilled in the process. Whatever it is, breaking up the routine even just a little bit could help your staff to feel a little more refreshed and revitalised. But we also love to be rewarded! You can re-motivate an employee by giving them something to strive towards and to look forward to.

If your walls are dull, dark and dreary, your staff will soak it up and feel bored and unmotivated.

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On the other hand, bright colours will boost energy and keep your staff focussed and productive for longer. Think blues, greens, yellows and reds. You can use gamification to directly improve your business processes or to encourage things like health and wellbeing. Happy, entertained employees are more engaged, more productive, more hard-working, more loyal and are far more likely to impress your clients. Let your staff enjoy life, encourage people to build relationships and above all else, have some fun!

But, on the other hand, as employers, we should be careful not to simply shrug it off. Boredom can be a real issue, it is avoidable and it could seriously damage your business in the long run.

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Is it a company-wide problem? Or formal? Maybe no one has bonded properly? Do you need to work on your company culture? So that really got me thinking… How can we, as employers, spot boredom in the workplace? Do you know how to spot a bored employee? Management EmployeeEngagement HR. Management HR. Staff boredom is a big deal! Management EmployeeEngagement. Almost anything can be automated these days… HR Management.

Even a fun task gets boring if you have to do it all day, every day. The best ideas often appear when you least expect them. EmployeeEngagement Management. Bright colours like blue, green and yellow boost focus and productivity. Could gamification improve your business? Management HR EmployeeEngagement. Other articles we think you'll like.

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Bored at workemail or chat

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