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It's hard to believe that Netflix's reality hit Too Hot to Handle came out a whole year ago. Last spring—when social distancing was new and everyone was bored on their couches—the dating show, which encouraged beautiful people to build intimate connections through conversation instead of touchbecame both an escape and a well-timed look into relationship building.

And now, as we're slowly returning to regular in-person contact, another season of Too Hot to Handle is arriving on Netflix—on June 23 and 30,to be specific. In case you didn't catch the first season, or missed the many, many Twitter reactions last April, the dating reality show puts a group of beautiful singles in a tropical locale and encourages them to build romantic relationships without hooking up.

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So what will the second season of Too Hot to Handle bring—besides more international singles and the return of Lana? Here's everything we know about season two. Season two of Too Hot to Handle premiered on June 23, The season dropped in two batches: the first four episodes on June 23; the remaining six on June Netflix has already renewed the steamy show for a third season, which you can likely expect in summer Producers filmed the second and third seasons back-to-back at the Turtle Tail Estate in Turks and Caicos more on that in a minute.

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On June 15, Netflix finally gave fans their first look at the cast of Too Hot to Handle season 2—and spoiler alert, they are very hot. The group includes several models, a handful of personal trainers, a bartender, a stripper, and yes, even a lawyer from down under.

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The show filmed in September ofwell before the two-season renewal was announced in January. Variety revealed the show's casting methods: To keep the potential contestants in the dark, production called the show Parties in Paradise instead of using the show's real name, "right up to the point that the cameras were rolling. Like who goes to that length?

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But they did. They bought fake hats. The premise of the show had also been hidden from the season one cast, who showed up to "The Retreat" and met their fellow contestants only to have their Alexa- or Siri-like robot host Lana tell them no sexual acts or self-gratification were allowed. In early interviews, the cast revealed how they really felt about that. Emily Miller added to E! But, sadly, in Melinda Berry's words: "There's no hot girl summer! It was a cold and depressing winter! The premise of the show will stay the same—no canoodling or the prize money goes down—but the details of the competition may change, as Riggs teased to Deadline.

Season two has a new location, a new cast, and potentially new rules, but one thing has remained the same: The narrator—who is not Lana—also known as Desiree Burch. Burch provided the witty commentary of season one, and she's back to banter with Lana and comment on the contestants for season two. A comedian who's known for being sex-positive, Burch's actual reactions to filming made it into the script.

She would say, 'Oh my God, he's hot.

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He is hot. Spoilers ahead. The first four episodes of Too Hot to Handle, all of which dropped June 23, covered just over a week in Lana's retreat. A few couples were established: Melinda and Marvin, who were flirty and fiery and on-off since day one; Cam and Emily, the two Brits who broke some rules on purpose, some not on purpose, but a lot overall; and football player Chase and Canadian blonde bombshell Carly. In episode four, the last episode of the first batch, gorgeous pilot Christina was thrown into the mix and chose to go on a date with Cam, to Emily's chagrin.

Cam went on to exhibit a lot of bad behavior: He told Christina that he and Emily weren't serious, and then very nearly made out with her. Christina and fellow new arrival Robert then ed the rest of the cast in the villa, where every man in sight drooled over Christina and a cockroach struck Chase in the face.

And I don't get hurt. The second batch of episodes, which dropped June 30, saw trouble in paradise for almost all the couples that remained at the resort: Emily and Cam, Melinda and Marvin, and Chase and Carly all had problems. Ultimately, two of those couples were able to survive: After Cam tried and failed to break up with Emily—who gave him an extremely mature talking-to about dealing with his feelings and committing—they became even stronger, especially after a true moment of spiritual growth where Cam declined to get in the shower with Tabitha.

Carly and Chase, however, couldn't make it work. But everything turned out OK: They both coupled up with new people, and also Carly gagged Chase and told him about how he'd made her feel, which was apparently cathartic for them both.

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Ultimately, Lana picked three contestants who had seen the most personal growth—I won't ruin it for you—and the contestants voted on who of their friends and, in many cases, sexual partners had grown the most during their time in the resort. The winner walked away with the prize money, and the two main couples Melinda and Marvin and Cam and Emily swore they'd live happily ever after—or, at the very least, move in together Cam and Emily and make it work between New York and Paris Melinda and Marvin.

At the reunion show on July 5—hosted by the one and only Chloe Veitch—Cam and Emily confirmed that not only are they very much still together, but they've been living together almost since the show ended, and that they see marriage and kids in their future. You kids keep me young! Cam, the reformed bad boy, went as far as to say that they're basically an "old married couple.

Things are not so rosy for Marvin and Melinda. At the reunion show, they disagreed about how things ended Melinda says she was ghosted in Mexico; Marvin said he thought it was mutualbut agreed that they were very much not together now, and hadn't been since the show. In a late-stage curveball, it seems that Melinda has been dating Peter Vigilante, one of the original cast members, posting a very sexy photo of the two together.

To which Marvin wrote: "Congrats! United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Tom Dymond Netflix. When will season two of 'Too Hot to Handle' be out? Who is in the cast of Too Hot to Handle season 2? Meet some of them below:. Chase is a year-old professional football player from Arizona. Emily is a year-old model hailing from London. Marvin is a year-old model, influencer, basketball player, and businessman from Paris.

Larissa is a year-old lawyer from Auckland, NZ. Nathan is a year-old former stripper from the UK who lives in Texas. This content is imported from YouTube. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Related Story. Related Stories.

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2hot2handle looking for a guy

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Meet the cast of Netflix’s new dating show Too Hot To Handle